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In 2001, I heard about Dr. John R. Bach through the MD-List group and heard that people were having trouble finding his articles. I contacted Dr. Bach and asked him if I could set up a website with some of his information. I am aware how cardio-pulmonary problems are killing kids and adults with neuro-muscular diseases, and I approached Dr. Bach because I became convinced that his protocol and information are valuable for improving quality of life and length of life for these people. Although I do not update the site very often, I wanted this information to be available and easily accessible to as many people as possible.

Rich Clingman

As with any medical information site, the information on this site should not be taken as medical advice for any particular person or condition. Always consult a medical professional who is familiar with your condition and history.

I suggest consulting with Dr. Bach or a physician or respiratory therapist who is familiar with his protocols and techniques. How To Contact Dr. Bach.

You are granted permission from Dr. Bach and me to print out a copy of pertinent articles for your reference and to give to your doctor.

If you reference these materials on another site, please link to www.DoctorBach.com.

About This Website
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